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Straight Staircases

Simple or complex in nature, Albion Design's specialist team of Engineers thrive on challenging staircase projects and are able to demonstrate a significant portfolio of successful past stair and balustrade projects.

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Albion Design offer straight flight staircases matching the style and design of our spiral staircase range. Straight stairs are very adaptable to complement a range of different design ideas. Straight designed staircases can suit an understated interior style, or through the use of interesting materials, colours and textures can create more of a dramatic visual impact. 


Straight flights can be combined with spiral staircases to fit non-standard apertures and create different effects and impact within buildings. Staircases are available in mild steel, stainless steel and cast iron in our range of standard finishes. 


Straight staircases are ideal for buildings that require great amount of linear space. From modern staircase designs to the more traditional, different finishes can be used to create that optimal style for residential and commercial building staircases in wood, concrete, stone, glass and stainless steel. 

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Contemporary staircases and luxury staircases can be supplied with a variety of finishes to suit the décor and interior design of the property. These include powder coated (factory finished), lacquered or satin polished stainless steel. 


In addition to installing balustrade and handrails as part of a staircase installation we design and fit balustrade for balconies, landings or terraces to complement the design of your property. 


We offer a choice of different materials for treads, such as wood, glass or concrete, combined with modern and elegant handrails in steel, wood, glass or leather clad.


Working within the design of the property and lighting can create a dramatic look and finish in any residential or commercial property. 


If you have something specific in mind, then Get in Touch and we will work with you to create that style that you require.


Modern and sleek staircases add a truly unique look and feature to any residential build, whether it is a new build project, extension or as part of an interior makeover, whether spiral or straight in design. 


Albion Design offer more than 30 years expertise in creating stunning staircase designs that make a spectacular centrepiece for any residential home and are popular with many of the UK's leading house developers for their high-quality manufacture and installation.  


We offer a full design service to provide individual commissions for that unique finish. Each Albion Design staircase can be fully customised with different handrail, balustrade and tread options to enhance any renovation project. We take the care to survey your property and plan the design of your staircase prior to manufacture.  

After the survey and design, the staircase is handed over to our experienced installation teams to ensure the process is trouble free. Alternatively, our staircases can be made available in a 'ready to build' kit form with full fitting instructions for self-assembly to suit any floor to floor heights. 


Bespoke, custom-made staircases are manufactured using a wide range of materials including glass, stainless steel and wood. More information is available on our bespoke page


Our staircases fully comply with current Building Regulations under British Standard 5395: Part 2. High quality manufacturing processes ensure top quality components, providing remarkable value for money. This is advantageous over self-build kits that would not meet these high standards. The balustrade and tread risers on all of our domestic staircases comply with the '100mm maximum gap rule' for the protection of young children. 


At Albion Design you can rely on our expertise to create a stunning bespoke staircase for any commercial and public space. Our commercial range is ideal for any car showroom, shop, office, restaurant or other public space.  


With excellent design and superb functionality, which can be fully customised, to suit individual requirements, we offer a wide range of handrail, balustrade and tread options to suit all uses and complement any interior design scheme.  


Our stairs are available rising clockwise or anti-clockwise and are suitable for multi-storey applications. Our range comprises four different diameters which are suitable for all commercial and public applications with tread widths up to 1.2m suitable for larger application. 


We have also created unique, bespoke staircases for centrepiece stairwells using a range of materials such as glass, stainless steel and wood. More information and visuals can be found on our previous designs on the bespoke page. 


All Albion Design materials meet full structural standards with appropriate grades of steel and timber used to match the diameter and height of each stair installation. Every staircase has been exhaustively tested by independent Consulting Structural Engineers in accordance with British Standard guidelines and fully comply with the structural requirement of BS 5950. 


We can supply all products to any location in the world in kit format with all components and fitting instructions. We can also offer site installation with our specialist installers if required.   

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We are a leading provider of fire escape stairs, for indoor or outdoor use, our modular design used for the standard Albion Design staircase range allows a fire escape to be constructed quickly and cost effectively to virtually any height with the inclusion of intermediate landing areas. 


Albion fire escapes are regularly installed in factories, schools, shops, offices and hotels using a range of standard components supplied from stock in kit form for on-site assembly by our qualified installation teams. Components can be carried through single doorways allowing manual staircase construction in restricted locations without the need for cranes or other lifting equipment. 


Albion’s standard range of designs and components allows us to offer deliveries with very short lead in times. We have recently supplied customers with fully galvanised staircase and access landings within 10 working days. We will also try and assist our clients overcoming panic situations, meaning if our installation teams are available, we can also carry out site installation at short notice. 

Our technical and design team are on hand to advise on all aspects of the Building Regulation and British Safety Standards for fire escapes.






Bespoke landings and balcony platform areas can be commissioned so the fire escape is situated away from a building allowing for an access walkway underneath.


Our fire escapes are constructed from steel with a range of handrail, balustrade and tread options to suit either indoor or outdoor use. Where a more traditional style of fire escape is required, our cast iron staircase range can also be used in either a straight or spiral design. 


All fire escapes are available rising clockwise or anti-clockwise and can have various baluster options provided to ensure compliance with the maximum gap allowed by building regulations of 100mm where children under 5 may use the stair. 


All external fire escapes are finished Hot Dip Galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461 providing long lasting protection against corrosion, whereas internal fire escapes are usually finished in a polyester powder coated finish to any standard RAL colour. 


Fire escapes are available in diameters up to 3m providing a clear tread width up to 1200mm. 


For more information on our Fire Escape Range or to receive a full brochure including technical and further product details, please contact us. 

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