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All Stairs - Straights & Spirals

We were instructed to manufacture and install a couple of staircases for a new office building in Bury St Edmunds.

Following the architect’s concept, we designed and manufactured the main straight staircase for the building, and an external spiral fire escape to the rear of the building.

The internal straight flight staircase was designed in a half turn format with a half landing supported on a single central CHS support column.

The staircase structure was manufactured in three large sections and carefully loaded into the building before being lifted and fixed into position using a specialist lifting gantry with the three sections being welded together on site to complete the assembly.

The building work continued around the internal staircase with the fixings being buried beneath the finished floor.

The internal stair was completed with a carpet insert in the treads and a hardwood nosing detail. Stainless-steel handrail and balustrade wires continued along the balcony edge to match the stair design.

The external spiral fire escape stair fixing brackets were delivered and installed during building construction with thermal breaks to the connection brackets.

The spiral stair was delivered to suit the external works program, installed, and completed in a day.

The final customer is pleased with the finished internal stair and hopes never to have to use the external fire escape!

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