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Albion Design Complete Another Residential Balcony and Spiral Stair Installation

We were recently invited to tender for a residential balcony and spiral stair installation to a private house in Northamptonshire.

The specification was for a spiral stair with recessed treads to accept a slate infill and curved glass balustrade panels. The balcony structure was specified with a hardwood slatted deck with frameless glass balustrade around the perimeter. The customer also requested other specific design modifications which were incorporated.

Structural calculations were prepared for the steel frame to the balcony and the glass and drawings prepared on our 3D modelling software for customer approval prior to manufacture.

The stair was manufactured and assembled in our factory, to ensure there would be no issues during installation on site. The components where then dismantled and sent for a hot dip galvanised pre-treatment and final polyester powder coloured topcoat.

Albion installed the stair on site using specialist lifting equipment to ensure the heavy glass panels were installed with no damage.

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