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Rathfinney Vineyard Stairs - Two Years Later

In March 2018 Albion Design Limited designed, manufactured and installed a pair of large spiral staircases into the new Bottling warehouse at the Rathfinney vineyard in East Sussex.

The stairs were to provide access on to a storage mezzanine floor and to a storage area above a cool room.

The stairs were designed to allow sufficient room to accommodate a person carrying a case of wine safely when ascending and descending the stair.

A full detailed site survey was carried out by Albion before producing drawings on our 3D design software for approval by the client’s construction team prior to manufacture.

The stairs were manufactured, delivered and installation successfully completed by end of March 2018.

During a recent nearby site visit we took the opportunity of inspecting the staircases after permission for access was kindly given by the Rathfinney Wines company to view the stairs. Following over two years of continuous use by Rathfinney staff the stairs are still in the perfect galvanised condition and as solid and stable as the day they were installed.

Albion Design can manufacture spiral stairs to suit almost every situation and use. Albion can also manufacture straight flights should these be preferred or suit the application and site conditions better.

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